The Director of Ghana Health Service, Dr. Patrick Aboagye in a press briefing has revealed the Coronavirus cases in Ghana now stand at 1,154 as of today, Wednesday 22nd April 2020.

Out of the new number of 1154 cases, 120 of the victims have recovered from the Coronavirus.

Briefing the press, Dr. Patrick Aboagye said:

“Under general surveillance, we have 401 cases that have reported positive. We still have the 115 travelers quarantined and tested positive and enhanced contact tracing in the last three weeks, we have 638 positives, bringing the number 1,154 cases as at today (April 22, 2020)”

“Out of this, we have had about 120 recovered, It changed form the 99 in the last reporting.”

The recovery and new cases come after the president of Ghana’s 7th Nation’s address where he lifted the partial lockdown in the Greater Accra Region, Kasoa, and Greater Kumasi.