To climax his series on exposing Bishop Daniel Obinim as a fake man of God who is also a womanizer, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has finally shown the face of all the girlfriends of Obinim.

Kennedy Agyapong has listed all the 13 girlfriends of Bishop Daniel Obinim on Live TV.

Kennedy Agyapong did not end there, he went ahead to mention their names one by one and it has shocked every Ghanaian.

Some of the names mentioned by Kennedy Agyapong includes Benedicta Gafah, the popular Ghanaian actress.

Bishop Obinim also mentioned Perpetual, Edna, and Suzzy. These three are family members. Perpetual and Edna are sisters and Suzzy is their mother.

Kennedy Agyapong claims that Obinim has slept with the mother and both sisters. Yes! That is what Kennedy Agyapong is claiming.

Other names mentioned by Kennedy Agyapong includes Lovia, the lady she was captured enjoying in his bedroom. That video went viral but Obinim came out to deny.

Kennedy Agyapong also mentioned another lady with the name Eunice, Adwoa Airport, and many others. One of the ladies is the wife of his former junior pastor, Osofo Saviour Amunte.

Kennedy Agyapong showed a photo of Florence Obinim’s sister, Jemima and claimed Obinim has slept with her as well. He also showed photos of Abrefi, Ivy and others.

Check out their photos below

Obinim after responding to Kennedy Agyapong during the first exposè has since refused to talk despite all the allegations from Kennedy Agyapong.

Recently all his junior pastors went down on their knees to beg him not to respond to Kennedy Agyapong.