NDC will choose speaker of Parliament – Asiedu Nketia


The General Secretary of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, is insisting that the party will choose the next Speaker of Parliament in the Fourth Republic in 2021.

Despite losing the presidential poll, the NDC has continuously attacked the credibility of the verdict without convincing evidence while claiming the party clinched 140 parliamentary seats in the just-ended 2020 elections.

”What is creating confusion is that between the polling station basic data and whatever totals the Electoral Commission officials are announcing to the world, [are] divergent. The NDC is asking that [we] go to the basic data,” the general secretary of the NDC said.

Speaking in an interview, the General Secretary of the NDC, Asiedu Nketiah, reiterated that the party won 140 parliamentary seats.

He indicated some of the parliamentary results that have been declared by the Electoral Commission officials are not consistent with the data at the polling stations.

”Election results are not determined at the collation centre, they are determined at the polling stations. And the data at the polling stations is very clear that the NDC has won at least 140 parliamentary seats,” Asiedu Nketiah claimed.

But a statement by the Election Commission (EC) on December 14, 2020, indicated the NDC has 136 parliamentary seats. The NDC, however, has won the disputed Sene West seat by 16 votes, which brings the total number of seats won by the party to 137.